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Plastic Bearings

Plastic Bearings Made With PVDF or PTFE Anti-corrosion plastic bearings

As the typical type of fiuoro plastic, PTFE and PVDF have the most excellent anti-corrosion per for mance,among them As the typical type of fluoroplastic, PTFE and PVDF have the most excellent anti-corrosion performance, among them PTFE is the best of all the plastic known to man, could be used in all the Strong Acid and Alkali application, including HF and smoke formation H2SO4 HNO3 or HCL(98%) above). etc. and could be used in high temperature application. PTTFE could be used to 180 and PVDF to 150. But PTFE has very low mechanical strength, easy to be out of shape and have large Dimension change when the temperature rise or reduce. So couldn't be used in heavy load and high-speed occasion, Compared with PTFE, PVDF. Has better compositive performance, Generaly the rings and cage made with PTFE or PVDF, Balls made with glass, ceramic or stainless.


HDPE/PP/UPE Plastic bearings(Anti-Acid and Anti-Alrali bearings)
HDPE,PP.UPE(UHMWPE)are approved can be used in faintish acid and alkali environment (30% CuCl2 solution and 30% NAOH solution is tested ok).Such bearings can operate in liquid and contamination sensitive environments as acid/alkali/salt/imprequant/oil/gas/seawater.have general performance of lubrication and maintenance free, none magnetism,anti-rust and eroded of plastic bearings.But these bearings have not strong mechanical strenth.and easy to be out of shape,so couldn't used in heavy load and high speed aplication.amony these 3 material,UPE more excellent strength and low friction and could be used to lower temperature(lowest to -150), Generally the rings and cage made with HDP.PP or UPE, balls made with glass stainless or ceramic

PEEK/PI Plastic Bearings (High temperature application plastic bearings)
As newly developing engineering plastic material, PEEK and PI have been approved have the strongest mechanical strength and could endure the highest temperature among all the plastic material. PEEK could work at 260 and PI at 300 in long-term. Moreover they have excellent.anti-corrosion performance could be used in strong acid and alkali environment. So generally they are used to manufacture bearings 5 to realize precision running in rigor environment. As the material is expensive, the costs are high. Generally the rings made with PEEK or PI. Cage with PTFE, PEEK or PI and ball with ZrO2 or Si3N4.


Plastic ball bearings for units and plastic ball bearing units.

The plastic ball bearing units specially have the performance of corrosion and wear resistance, reduce vibration and anti-bump, are free from the maintenance and so forth. Such is the most ideal solution of many difficult problem which have puzzled the industry field for hundreds years. Aim at working in different environment, the ball bearing for units made with POM, HDPE,PP, UPE, PTFE or PEEK material, housing of the bearing units generally made with PBT material.


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