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Stainless Bearings


Austenite stainless steel bearings
We also can offer non-standard stainless steel bearings to meet some special type needs in engineering. Compare to high carbon chrome martensite stainless steel bearing, Austenite stainless steel bearings have even more excellent corrosion and wear resistance, magnetism resistance. The whole Austenite stainless steel bearings are made of AISI SUS316L(316)or SUS304 ( including inside and outside rings , balls and cage). Austenite stainless steel bearings cant harden completely by heat treatment, so it should not choose for heaver load or higher speed.


Stainless plummer block and stainless insert bearings
Stainless Bearing Units have some advantages, Such as automatic adjustment, Repeated lubrication, Dustproof and convenience for fixing and disassembly. It is widely used in various mechanical equipments and conveying device. Stainless Plummer blocks are specially designed to meet particular engineering demand for food. Medical and chemical industry. Which have some excellence such as cleanness, Anti-corrosion etc. Bearing housing is made of AISIS304 and the insert bearings are made of AISI SUS440C, Specially AISI SUS316 also could be used.


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