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Ceramic Balls / Plastic Balls/Glass Balls /Stainless Ballsceramic Balls

We could supply ceramic balls plastic balls,glass balls and stainless balls,staple material and manufacturing precision as following

Ceramic balls Plastic balls Glass balls Stainlss balls
Meterial Zr02,SISn4,SiC,Al2O3 PUM,UPCPOM,PEPPPAUPEPEEK GLASS 440C,304316316L
Grad G5-G200 G100-G1000 G100-G1000 G10-G200



Engineering Plastic Fasteners

We could supply Engineering plastic fasteners, Include PEEK screws and PVC bolts. We manufacture PEEK screw by injection with the raw material importing from victrex of English, which have good performance of high strength enduring high temperatures and anti-corrosion, generally used in electron, chemistry and medical treatment equipment,PVC bolts include U-PVC and H-PVC material.

Engineering plastic semifinished products

We supply all kinds of Engineer plastic rods and tubes. The rod size from 50-150mm.and the tubes from 25mm-250mm.Staple Engineering plastic material as following:



Engineering Ceramic Ctructural Parts

We could product Engineering ceramic structural parts according to the need of customer, generally the material include ZrO2,Si3N4,Al2O3,SiC.production including ceramic sliding bearings, ceramic sealer, ceramic sleeve, ceramic shaft, ceramic bloc gauge, ceramic standard ring gauge, ceramic rod and needle, ceramic cutting tools and ceramic oil cup rings.etc



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